Yoga Workshop: Ashtanga Primary Series BREAK IT DOWN

Yoga Workshop Walford Village Hall

Saturday 28th OctoberΒ 

9am – 12.30/1pmΒ 


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Limited spaces available

What you can expect …

πŸ™ An enjoyable, informal, and informative guided journey through the whole Ashtanga Primary Series

πŸ™ Each posture will be broken down one by one, or within mini sequences at times, with no breath count accompanying it. I will demonstrate and explain each posture and you will get the opportunity to practice in a very relaxed manner without the intensity and pace that you would normally experience in the Ashtanga Primary Series, or even within a class

More details if you’re still interested …

πŸ™ I will explain alignment and show options for progression or modification out of the flow of a normal class, where we don’t have the time to fully do this

πŸ™ I will provide tips on how I get into some poses, and how I then go further into them. Part of this will include adjusting willing students in various postures to demonstrate this visually for most, and on a feeling level for that student (note: adjustments are ‘gifts’ is one of my favourite pieces of advice given to me in my training. I love receiving them and no, it certainly doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Quite the opposite most of the time!) 

πŸ™ We will start with a breakdown of the sun salutations, and then do these properly to warm up mysore style, or in other words at your own breath pace. You can do these however you want, modified or otherwise

πŸ™ There will be an option to do most of the seated series vinyasas, but equally, also the option to skip them. This, combined with the slower pace and intensity of how we will go through, will make this opportunity to do the Ashtanga Primary Series a unique one for anyone with an interest in exploring it in a relaxed, hopefully enjoyable, playful way πŸ˜ 

πŸ™ Rather than the ‘once you’re on the Ashtanga train there’s no getting off until we finish’ flow of doing the full series normally, this will not exhaust you in the same way. It will be stop-start, and you’ll be in full control of how long you spend in a posture and how many vinyasas you want to do. The intention is to give you the opportunity to do it in a very chilled and informative manner, and to not take it or ourselves too seriously. Talking and laughter are encouraged, and we may find we try things we might not usually attempt due to simply having the time to try it and see

πŸ™ And of course, we will stop for vegan cakes/treats and yogi tea half way through