Ross Photo Club seeks new members

If you’re passionate about photography, The Ross Photo Club are looking for new members and would love to hear from you!

The photo club offers a robust program for photography enthusiasts from September through May each year and meet at Walford Village Hall. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Weekly meetings with interesting guest speakers
  • Members-only evenings for sharing work and getting feedback
  • Photographic competitions to challenge and improve skills
  • A dedicated Project Group monthly for creative challenges
  • Organised day trips and outings to photograph various subjects

The club welcomes photographers of all skill levels, regardless of the camera equipment they use – whether it’s a DSLR, tablet, or even a smartphone. The goal is to provide an engaging and supportive community for anyone interested in developing their photography abilities.

To learn more about the club’s activities and how to get involved, check out the club’s website at  There, you can find details on the program calendar, contact the club through the website’s Contact Us page, and explore the club’s social media presence on Facebook, which includes a media section showcasing competition results and project group challenges.

The Ross Photo Club offers an excellent opportunity for photography enthusiasts in the area to connect, learn, and grow their skills in a collaborative and fun environment and they look forward to hearing from you soon.